Slow Motion Video of Horses

I am offering a slow motion video service that will allow you to see in detail the movement of the horse, how the feet are landing, how the legs are moving and how the horse moves as a whole.  The slow motion video, shot at 240 frames per second (normal video is 30 frames per second) captures the detail of this movement.  It is also good for watching how the rider interacts with the horse.

Here you can see a side view of a horse being trotted out. Notice how the feet land either flat or slightly heel first.


Here the horse is trotting out head on and you can see the front legs move quite straight, but the hind legs wing in slightly.


Here you can see how the horse moves with a rider on board. The movement is slightly lower, but still quite acceptable.

Pricing for video services is $50 per hour, 1 hour minimum, plus travel costs from Stirling, Ontario. The video session which would last about an hour and includes a DVD of the video files.